About us

About us

From a great love for the label and very inspired by the story behind the brand, we as a small collective of old Mac & Maggie - and Cora Kemperman colleagues with the support of Cora Kemperman herself, who provided us with her brand name and all the necessary information, made a new start in March 2017 with a webshop. We hope that our collection will pleasantly surprise you and that you will find that fashion, exclusivity and sustainability can be affordable. The Cora Kemperman brand is exclusively on sale on www.corakemperman.shop. The collections are aimed at self-assured women who value exclusive and high quality clothing. These women distinguish themselves through their own personal sense of style. We do not opt for mainstream and therefore we only manufacture small and exclusive clothing ranges. We manufacture our clothes with love and respect for society and the environment.

In terms of philosophy we follow in the footsteps of Cora Kemperman. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is therefore very important to us. 
We pay a fair price for our products and demand from our suppliers that besides their specific focus on issues that concern the environment they also treat their people well and adhere to the rules of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). In undertaking we are guided by matters concerning the environment. In the production of our clothing and choice of materials we will always give preference to environmentally friendly processes and materials, even if the clothes become more expensive because of this. Where possible we use organic cotton. Through specific product information, we inform our customers about the environmental aspects and maintenance of our products. When selecting our packaging and transport, we also make a careful environmental consideration. In addition, we ensure that our sustainable clothing (as well as the colours) fit well together, but can also be combined with previous collections. Basic requirements are high quality, good fit and attractive finish.

A part of our year's profit we will invest through the Amma foundation in social projects in India in the region where the Cora Kemperman suppliers are based.


Amma foundation

Amma is the Indian word for mother and the name of the charitable foundation that was established in 1998 by Cora Kemperman and Gloria Kok; the former owners of Cora Kemperman. The goal of Amma Foundation is to give something back to the workers who make our clothes with so much care and attention in producing countries.

In cooperation with civil society organization SAVE (Social Awareness and Voluntary Education), a local NGO (nongovernmental organization), they have implemented a number of projects in India for the workers in the factories, including: medical care for the family, literacy, schooling for the children and vocational training for women. Amma Foundation also ensured that workers could borrow money for major expenses against a low rate. Meanwhile, a large number of these projects are regulated by law. In addition, the facilities for our staff have been greatly enhanced by the SA8000 certification of manufacturers. The certification of our manufacturers in India is largely paid by Amma.

Today, Amma focuses, still in partnership with SAVE, on social projects in the regions where our manufacturers are located. Thus Amma Foundation offered among other things financial and material aid (beds, bicycles, washing machines) to a shelter for homeless and orphaned children in the Eco Park. The foundation supports the project Women Development Cell, that trains the poorest women in the region in social awareness, autonomy and financial independence and associates it with the provision of microcredit.