Is it true that the activities of Cora Kemperman have ended?

We regret to confirm the message that the activities of the Cora Kemperman label have ended in February 2020.


Is it a bankruptcy?

No, it is not a bankruptcy.


Are you sure, is the decision final?

The decision to stop the activities of the Cora Kemperman label was taken after ample considerations. We concluded that the decision is final.


Will there be a restart this time?

Unfortunately this will not be the case.


What can I do as a customer to ensure that you continue?

We are very grateful for the confidence of our customers and very much regret that the activities of the Cora Kemperman label are not being continued.


What does Cora Kemperman think of this?

Cora deplores the fact that the activities of the Cora Kemperman label have ended, but understands the decision.


What will happen to the AMMA foundation if it no longer receives a financial contribution from the Cora Kemperman label?

We are currently investigating the possibilities of whether another organization can support the AMMA Foundation.


Until when can I return an item from the webshop?

For this the regular period of fourteen days after receipt of your package applies. 


If I return something, will I still get my money back?

As usual, after assessing your return, we will transfer the amount via our payment platform Mollie, Paypal or your account number, depending on the payment method used by you.


Do I get my initial shipping costs back when I return an item?

If you return the full order, we will reimburse the shipping costs of your delivery. With partial shipments this is not the case.

How long does it take to get the refund of my return?
The returns are processed and verified on a weekly base, accordingly the redemption takes place. Did you pay via PayPal or Bancontact, you will receive the refund through our payment provider Mollie. Did you pay via credit card or Paypal, then you will receive the chargeback on your credit card (via Mollie) or PayPal account instead. The period in which this repayment takes place depends on when it is processed through your credit card company or PayPal.


What would be the best way to treat my article?

Look here for our washing advice, the art of washing.