Is it true that you are going to end the activities of Cora Kemperman?

We regret to confirm the message that the activities of the Cora Kemperman label will end.


Is it a bankruptcy?

No, it is not a bankruptcy.


Are you sure, is the decision final?

The decision to stop the activities of the Cora Kemperman label was taken after ample considerations. We concluded that the decision is final.


Will there be a restart this time?

It looks like this will not be the case.


What can I do as a customer to ensure that you continue?

We are very grateful for the confidence of our customers and very much regret that the activities of the Cora Kemperman label are not being continued.


What does Cora Kemperman think of this?

Cora deplores the fact that the activities of the Cora Kemperman label will end, but understands the decision.


What will happen to the AMMA foundation if it no longer receives a financial contribution from the Cora Kemperman label?

We are currently investigating the possibilities of whether another organization can support the AMMA Foundation.




Are new items coming in?

In addition to a selective number of basic items, no new collection is coming in.


Is the stock of the current collection on the site supplemented?

Customer returns are still processed in the stock, so it is possible that a certain item is still being replenished. Unfortunately we cannot indicate which articles this concerns.


Can I still post request numbers of items that you can still deliver?

Among other things, the leggings and the t-shirt with round and straight neck with thumb holes in modal are supplemented in black. More information about this will follow later. We regret that it is not possible to supplement other articles alongside.


In which sizes will the last basic items be delivered?

This will be in sizes S to XXL.




Until when can I place an order online?

There is no definitive end date in 2020 for the webshop yet. As long as the webshop is open, it is possible to order items from stock.


How can I bes ure that my order will still be delivered?

All orders are of course delivered with the usual care and attention.


How do I know when the webhop closes?

This will be clearly indicated on the webshop. As long as the webshop is open, orders are delivered with the usual care and attention.


How do I select the proper size?

Click here for our size advice.


Your shopping basket stays empty?

You have added an item but your shopping basket remains empty? It means your computer does not accept cookies. If it is not possible to change this situation, please e-mail your order. Due to the limited stock of our collection we can't guarantee that the items of your order are still available.


I forgot my password. What to do?

On this page you can ask for a new password. It will be sent to you promptly by e-mail.


Can I have my order delivered to a different address? 

In the course of ordering you can include a different address to which the item has to be shipped. 


When is my article reserved?

An article on your shopping list or in your shopping cart is not yet reserved for you. Do you want to be sure of your purchase, we recommend you to order the item and pay right away. Only after completing the payment the item will be reserved for you.


How do I know my order has reached you?

As soon as your order has been placed successfully you will immediately receive a 'thank you very much for ordering from Cora Kemperman' message on your screen. Also, your order will be confirmed by e-mail.


Is it possible to combine a new order with an existing order to be able to reduce shipping costs?

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to meet this request.




What are the shipping costs?

An overview of the shipping costs can be found here.


When can I expect delivery at my home address?

Orders are normally shipped within five days after the payment has been received. We coöperate with PostNL for delivering your parcel in Europe and with FedEx to deliver your parcel outside Europe. Mail will be sent to you as soon as your order has been effected and as soon as your order has been shipped.


Can I track my order?

After sending your order you will receive an e-mail with a track & trace code to track your order.


After delivery


Until when can I return an item from the webshop?

For this the regular period of fourteen days after receipt of your package applies. We are currently accommodating about this, but we will strictly adhere to the fourteen-day return period in the last few weeks.


If I return something, will I still get my money back?

As long as the webshop is open, it is possible to return your order. As usual, after assessing your return, we will transfer the amount via our payment platform Mollie, Paypal or your account number, depending on the payment method used by you.


Can I exchange an item for another colour or size?

Because of the limited edition this is unfortunately not possible. You may always return the article.


I have received a wrong article, what can I do? 

It is obviously not the intention but it might happen that you receive the wrong item. We advise you to return the article immediately and find out on the website if the right item is still available. If available, we recommend you to buy the product immediately given our limited stock. Articles you added to your shopping list or shopping cart are not yet reserved for you.


Do I get my initial shipping costs back when I return an item?

If you return the full order, we will reimburse the shipping costs of your delivery. With partial shipments this is not the case.

How long does it take to get the refund of my return?
The returns are processed and verified on a weekly base, accordingly the redemption takes place. Did you pay via PayPal or Bancontact, you will receive the refund through our payment provider Mollie. Did you pay via credit card or Paypal, then you will receive the chargeback on your credit card (via Mollie) or PayPal account instead. The period in which this repayment takes place depends on when it is processed through your credit card company or PayPal.


Unfortunately I have a complaint about an article, what’s your procedure?
On all our products the legal guarantee applies. Legal guarantee means that a product is what consumers reasonably may expect from it. Is your purchase qualitative not up to your expectations, please contact us. On the contact page you will find our contact details. You will get a substantive response to your complaint within five working days. 




Until when is the pop-up store open in Brussels?

As it stands, the pop-up store in Brussels is open until the end of January 2020.


What are the opening times of the pop-up store in Brussels?

The pop-up store is open from Tuesday to Friday from noon to 6.30 pm. On Saturdays we are open from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


Is the collection different in the pop-up store of the webshop?

The collection is indeed different, not all items available online will be available in Brussels and vice versa.


Do you have a permanent collection?

At the moment our collections are regularly updated with new items. It is possible that an article will be in stock again, but that does not apply to all articles. We will keep you informed of the changes in our collection via our newsletter.


What would be the best way to treat my article?

Look here for our washing advice, the art of washing.