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Size guide
Nobody is perfect, that is if you consider an average body. The sizes of ready-to-wear clothing are unfortunately always the average. Okay, so noBODY is perfect, but how do you measure this in a well-tailored system for garments? Read more.

Fibres, fabrics and the environment
The choice for a certain fabric not only influences the final piece of clothing, but also the production process and the environment. That's why with every design we carefully evaluate different aspects of a fabric: look, comfort for the wearer and the environmental impact of the production process. Read more.

The art of washing
Some types of clothes become more beautiful when they age, but most clothes should keep their original shape and colours for as long as possible. High quality clothing will stay in perfect shape much longer than clothing of inferior quality. Also, proper cleaning methods will help you to keep clothes in shape for a long time. Read more.